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and Visual Arts in Barcelona!

Three reasons to study with us

  1. We are members of LCI Education, a diverse learning community of 12 select higher education institutions on 5 continents.
  2. We are 100% connected to and aligned with the world of business. The employability of our students and graduates is top of mind.
  3. We promote synergy across our creative disciplines to generate networking opportunities and take your portfolio to the highest level.
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The new LCI Barcelona: LCI Education's European flagship campus
  • Spectacular 11,000 m2 campus housing Barcelona’s most international School of Design and Visual Arts.
  • Sustainable architecture, state-of-the-art facilities, surrounded by public park.
  • Inspiring community of emerging creatives, talented creators and experienced mentors, next to the Disseny Hub, at the heart of 22@, Barcelona’s innovation district.
  • The place to turn creative dreams into career realities.
Barcelona, a leading city

LCI Education's great European campus offers you the opportunity to prepare for the job market in one of the top cities in the world for the avant-garde, trends, design, and image.

Considered the fourth most creative city in the world in the "Survey on the Barcelona City Brand" developed by the BCD, Barcelona is the perfect place for students due to the richness and diversity of its culture and the friendliness of its people.


Bachelor's Degrees

  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Communication
  • Graphic Design
  • Interior Design
  • Animation
  • Video Game Design
  • Photography

Higher Technical Programs

  • Pattern Making and Fashion
  • Web Application Development
  • Projects and Direction of Decoration Works
  • 3D Animations, Games, and Interactive Environments
  • Photography

Summer Courses

  • Multidisciplinary Design
  • Initiation to Fashion Design
  • Initiation to Graphic Design
  • Initiation to Interior Design
  • Initiation to Animation
  • Initiation to Video Game Design
  • Initiation to Digital Photography

Master's Degrees

  • Fashion Marketing, Communication, and Event Planning
  • Fashion Business Management and Administration
  • Fashion Design
  • Design of Footwear, Bags, and Leather Goods Collections
  • Fashion Styling, Advertising, and Audiovisual Media
  • Interactive Design and Immersive Experiences (official)
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design and Digital Art
  • Art Direction and Graphic Project Management
  • Web Design. UX, UI, and Prototyping
  • Motion Graphics
  • Typographic Design and Application
  • Experiential Interior Design (official)
  • Interior Spaces Design
  • Technological Product Design and Development
  • New Trends in Industrial Product Design
  • Fashion and Advertising Photography
  • Gastronomic and Advertising Photography
  • Documentary Photography
  • 3D Animation and VFX
  • Concept Art

Postgraduate Degrees

  • Coolhunting and Trend Research
  • Bride Collection Design and Haute Couture Techniques

Pattern Making Courses

  • Introduction to Pattern Making
  • Industrial Pattern Making and Clothing for Women's Outerwear
  • Industrial Pattern Making for Underwear, Elastic Clothes, and Homewear
  • Industrial Pattern Making for Children's Outerwear
  • Haute Couture Pattern Making for Women
  • Corset Pattern Making
  • Industrial Pattern Making and Grading for Men's Outerwear
  • Industrial Pattern Making and Grading for Women's and Men's Outerwear in Circular Knitting
  • Computer Aided Pattern Making CAD
  • Pattern Making and Grading Update
  • Creation Workshop: Moulage
  • Industrial Pattern Making for Women's Outerwear (distance course)
  • Industrial Pattern Making for Women's Outerwear with Garment Assembly (distance course)

Specialization Courses

  • Graphic Design, Layout, and Composition
  • Graphic Design
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