A pensive young man with curly hair, carrying a backpack and laptop, gazes out in a contemporary building.

You don't know our campus yet? Come visit us and discover the best space to promote your talent and start the journey towards achieving your goals.

Make an appointment with the Admissions Department by calling +34 932 37 27 40 or writing an e-mail to hello@lcibarcelona.com. Our advisers will be delighted to assist you, they will show you every corner of the campus and will inform you of the programs we offer.

Here are some of the different spaces that you can find at LCI Barcelona:

A lively communal space with people relaxing amidst bold geometric murals.


Three women engaged in a sewing workshop, using a sewing machine and focusing on fabric.

Pattern making classrooms

Students focused on their work in a computer lab, using desktops and personal devices with headphones.

Computer classrooms

A focused woman talks on her mobile phone while browsing a bulletin board adorned with various posters and notices.

Exhibition area

Two individuals engage in conversation near a café's entrance, while another person sits at a table using a laptop, in a casual indoor setting.


In 2024 we will be moving to our spectacular new campus at 22@!

Illuminated multi-tiered building with a geometric façade, bustling with evening activity. 

Discover #TheNewLCIBarcelona