Arts and Communication

A focused male digital artist sketches on a tablet in a creative studio, surrounded by design inspirations.
  • A vibrant ad featuring the word SUMMER, a woman in a sun hat, and a smartphone showing an app.
    Multidisciplinary Design Summer Course
      Summer Courses
    Start your adventure in the world of design and discover which of its disciplines best suits you with our Multidisciplinary Summer Course in Design.

    • Starts July | June
    • On-campus | LCI Barcelona
    • Taught in Catalan, Spanish
    • 4 months (60 hours)
    • Part-time | daytime
    Multidisciplinary Design Summer Course

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Make the Most of Your Campus Experience

An avant-garde building in Barcelona juxtaposed with the colorful Torre Glòries, showcasing Spain's contemporary architectural landscape.
A creative community next to the Disseny Hub
A creative community next to the Disseny Hub
Models stride down the runway in eclectic, vibrant outfits at a contemporary fashion event, showcasing innovative design and bold textures.
Discover LCI Barcelona's Fashion Show
Learners completing their Bachelor in Fashion Design present their collections in a grand fashion show.
Two art students are engaged in creating sculptures from cardboard, focusing intently on their work.
Prospect Design: LCI Barcelona's official festival
Prospect Design is one of the highlights of our calendar.
Two businesswomen engaging in conversation at a networking event, with one showing content on a tablet.
Find the perfect match at Speed Dating
Our latest edition was a great success, with more than 100 participants.
A professional presenting with a backdrop displaying "create something extraordinary" and a variety of creative product images.
#MadeInLCI talent at Final Project Week
Final Project Week is a major exhibition of our learners' best work.
 dark silhouette stands before a striking red background adorned with repetitive red hashtags.
Discover our DI55ECCIONS lecture series
Our lecture series focuses on the world of design, visual arts, innovation, and creativity.