A teacher engages with young children at a table, guiding them through a playful lesson on shapes and colors using educational toys.

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    Make the Most of Your Campus Experience

    An avant-garde building in Barcelona juxtaposed with the colorful Torre Glòries, showcasing Spain's contemporary architectural landscape.
    A creative community next to the Disseny Hub
    A creative community next to the Disseny Hub
    Models stride down the runway in eclectic, vibrant outfits at a contemporary fashion event, showcasing innovative design and bold textures.
    Discover LCI Barcelona's Fashion Show
    Learners completing their Bachelor in Fashion Design present their collections in a grand fashion show.
    Two art students are engaged in creating sculptures from cardboard, focusing intently on their work.
    Prospect Design: LCI Barcelona's official festival
    Prospect Design is one of the highlights of our calendar.
    Two businesswomen engaging in conversation at a networking event, with one showing content on a tablet.
    Find the perfect match at Speed Dating
    Our latest edition was a great success, with more than 100 participants.
    A professional presenting with a backdrop displaying "create something extraordinary" and a variety of creative product images.
    #MadeInLCI talent at Final Project Week
    Final Project Week is a major exhibition of our learners' best work.
     dark silhouette stands before a striking red background adorned with repetitive red hashtags.
    Discover our DI55ECCIONS lecture series
    Our lecture series focuses on the world of design, visual arts, innovation, and creativity.