The importance of design and creativity

Design  is an asset of  high strategic value within the labor market thanks to its ability to bring innovation to companies in different areas. To be ahead and competitive in a globalized world requires the application of design management with guarantees of success, which is why the designer becomes an essential profile for any organization that wants to stand out from its competitors and boost its economic growth. 

Along with design and innovation, creativity is another of the most sought-after talents today. Companies prioritize the hiring of professionals in the creative sector to develop all kinds of projects with resolution and versatility but without sacrificing quality.

A graphic montage with diverse images symbolizing innovation and teamwork, with a motivational slogan: 'Get ready to make a difference.' 

Why choose LCI Barcelona? 

Aware of the importance of professions linked to design, innovation and creativity, of the current high demand for experts in these areas and of the new jobs that will be created in the coming years related to them, LCI Barcelona offers a wide academic offer in Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Animation, Video Game Design, Product Design and Photography.

The programs offered promote internationality (the School is part of the Canadian international network LCI Education), synergies between different disciplines and links with the world of work, enhanced through its exclusive Portfolio tool. As a result of the last evaluation process carried out by the Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya, LCI Barcelona was accredited by obtaining a rating of outstanding in its Occupational Quality Index thanks to its high rates of labor insertion in what refers to Higher Art Education.

A collage showcasing the vibrant dynamism of a creative workspace: a brainstorming session, a photo studio setup, a bold mural in a communal area, and a focused designer reviewing material samples. 

Discover all that LCI Barcelona has to offer to your students:

Programs and access routes

The academic offer of the School includes Bachelor's Degrees in Fashion Design, Fashion Communication, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Animation, Video Game Design and Photography (equivalent for all purposes to a university degree and accredited by AQU Catalunya).

A visual guide to academic progression, depicting four routes to a university diploma (180 ECTS), bachelor's degree (240 ECTS), master's degree (60 ECTS), and doctorate. Highlights alternative paths for adult learners and qualifications in plastic arts and design.

In addition to Higher Technical Education programsMaster's (Official, Dual Degree and Private) and Postgraduate Degrees, Online Courses, Specialization Programs, Pattern Making Courses and Summer Courses.

To get more information, the interested person can send a request through the web or contact directly with the Admissions Department.

Award for Best High School Final Project

LCI Barcelona annually announces an award to add value to studies and professions related to design and creativity, promote these vocations and encourage the talent of High School students from public, private and concerted centers in Catalonia who carry out a research project related to the areas taught in the School: Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Animation, Video Game Design, Product Design, Photography and Innovation and Creativity.

The winning student's educational center gets a set of books from Gustavo Gili Publishing House valued at 200 euros, in addition to appearing in the web section dedicated to the award.

A young individual and an older man pose with a celebratory check for €3000, awarded for the 'Best Baccalaureate Thesis' in Barcelona, dated October 2019. 

Ivan Casanovas (Daina-Isard School), winner of the second edition, and his tutor Xavier Lecha

LCI Quest

When choosing your studies and career, the first step is to discover who you are, what you like, what you are interested in... LCI Quest will accompany you in this process!

One of the key elements of the process of self-knowledge are your skills and competencies, i.e. what you are good at. LCI Quest will ask you a series of questions so that you can evaluate and find out what cross-cutting competencies you have. You will also be able to explore what type of training suits you best and what are the areas or sectors of interest for your future career.

Once you have completed the test, you will receive a feedback report that will help you to reflect and make decisions about your choice of studies and career. Discover LCI Quest here!

An individual views an educational ad on a tablet, showcasing the 'LCI QUEST' platform, with a prompt about career management. 

Sustainability and solidarity

During their training at LCI Barcelona, students learn to anticipate trends, challenge established paradigms and improve the world by taking into account elements such as sustainability and commitment to the environment and society.

Students work by applying these values to their projects according to the characteristics of each sector, while promoting collaborative and research methods with other areas to take advantage of the benefits of interdisciplinarity. Three very clear examples are the collaborations with B·SEArcular, Aflote and LibreGuard.

On the other hand, the LCI Education Foundation offers to the 17,000 students of the network spread over 5 continents the possibility to contribute their time, talent and effort to promote school perseverance, especially in emerging countries where LCI Education is present. The members of the LCI community can grow as citizens of the world thanks to this social participation program that has already carried out projects with Shakira's Pies Descalzos Foundation and Maman Dion Foundation.

Junior Report

LCI Barcelona collaborates as a reference in the design and visual arts sectors with this media education project aimed at educational centers. The team of Junior Report has designed different proposals and resources that seek to bring the big news of the day to the classroom by enhancing the critical thinking of students:

Junior Report Newspaper
Its journalists explain the most important news through multimedia articles and infographics that help young readers to contextualize the information and to promote the habit of reading digital press.
Two digital devices displaying news portals focused on coronavirus and refugee issues.
A collection of colorful booklets on various global topics, including 'Coronavirus 2020', displayed in a fan arrangement.
Junior Report Aula
Didactic units supervised by professors and designed to read and work the news in the classroom. They include articles, slides and activity sheets aimed at students and teachers.
Media Education Workshops
These practical and dynamic sessions encourage critical reading of the media, teach how to identify fake news and promote the responsible use of news contents.
Students engage in a journalistic workshop, examining climate emergency materials and presenting their findings.
Two women engaged in an interview, one holding a microphone, with a third person filming on a tablet. In the foreground, two tablets display news websites.
Digital School Magazine (RED)
A network of school newspapers directed and edited by high school students with the support of professional journalists from Junior Report staff. This multidisciplinary project promotes freedom of expression and teamwork.