LCI Barcelona has its own pattern making system: the prestigious Feli Method. Felicidad Duce, founder of its Fashion School, managed to create her own universe that has influenced the training of thousands of students and has served as the basis for many pattern making systems in the Spanish fashion industry.

 black and white photograph depicting eight women engaged in sewing activities around a large table, with mannequins and fabric in the background. 

Students learning the Feli Method with Felicidad Duce

In the classrooms of LCI Barcelona this method is still taught. It allows students to bring their ideas to reality, achieve the volumes and the silhouette they are looking for and even improve their creations. It gives them power, creativity and autonomy in the development of their talent. And, for those who are not designers, it opens the door to a profession or to the Do It Yourself world.

In addition to the Feli Method, Felicidad Duce also invented the midímetro. This system consists of using seven leather straps joined together by sliding pins that fit over the body and allow for the creation of custom-made garments.

A seamstress measures a woman wearing a calibration suit against a mirror. 

Application of the midímetro created by Felicidad Duce

The great importance of the Feli brand (registered in the International Trademark Registry since 1950) was recognized on August 22nd, 1955 with its publication in the BOE, a moment when it was confirmed its national interest.

Course by course, the Feli Method continues to help our students translate their ideas and concepts of volume, structure and style into reality with precision. This system allows them to take their creativity and their capacity for innovation to the limit.

First image displays three individuals in masks and eclectic attire in a dramatic pose, evoking mystery. Second image is of a person in a modern outfit with a white hat, showcasing a casual, chic style. 

Looks from collections "L'Autre" (Sofia Massuti) and "Skhizein" (Sara Palma), alumni of the Fashion degree