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Carla Solá 

Alumni of the Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design, Carla finished her studies with us in July 2021. Since then, she has been working as a junior product designer at Beta, a company dedicated to prototyping, layout and design of apps, software, websites and other digital solutions such as VR and AI.

We talked to her and this is what she told us:

- How would you summarize your experience at LCI Barcelona?

Without a doubt, I can say that it has been an enriching experience in every way. I entered with a basic knowledge of design and I left as a professional in the sector, focused on Digital Design (UX/UI).

I have been able to meet generous and dedicated people who have managed to convey to me their passion for design so much that I have been able to deepen in all its areas: traditional animation, user experience, public speaking, project management, etc.

- What do you value most of all that you learned studying with us?

What I value most about LCI Barcelona is the personalized and close relationship it has with its students. For me, it is essential to find a comfortable and safe environment where you can express your thoughts and concerns freely.

At LCI there are no prejudices or labels because you work hand in hand with professionals who aim to make you feel at home.

- What did your professors bring to you?

From each one of them I have learned something that I put into practice daily: from design theory, trends and colorimetry to illustration, user experience and public speaking. Getting the most out of your professors is essential to learn about their different visions and focus on what best represents you.

- What do you think you gained from learning with students from other Design and Visual Arts areas?

It is one of the best experiences at LCI Barcelona, since it is then when you can broaden your knowledge in relation to other sectors of design. You discover the connections between disciplines that, directly or indirectly, will be reflected in your next projects (personal or professional ones).

- Thanks to your time at the School, were you able to enhance your talents?

Without a doubt, my time at LCI has been a turning point in my career. I have been able to expand and evolve my character, skills, methodologies and rhythms.

- Have you used Portfolios? What do you think of the platform? Which of the projects you have shared would you highlight?

Portfolios is a great window to show your work (school or professional) and establish connections between students or professionals in the design sector, as it is a showcase open to everyone. It is also an area of evolution where you can see the growth of each student. These are some of my bachelor projects.

Carla presented her final project at Blanc! festival

- How have you done in the working world since you finished your studies?

Just before finishing my degree, I received a call from a good fourth-year professor with whom I had a very good relationship in the classroom. That is how I have been able to get into design and work with the interdisciplinary team at Beta, generating digital projects in their entirety.

- What project/s are you working on right now?

Daily I'm in charge of thinking about the user experience for the development of web & app projects (UX/UI), as well as generating digital content for nationally and internationally recognized brands such as Damm or Lafloïd, among others.

- What are your plans and projects for the future?

For now, I'm thinking of continuing to learn and grow as a designer with great professionals like Arturo González. I hope to collaborate with the Beta team for a few years, until I consolidate myself even more as a professional.

- What would you say to someone who is thinking about studying with us but hasn't decided yet?

What made me decide for LCI Barcelona was the great opportunity and possibility to study Graphic Design from the first day of studies. This is how I have been able to deepen from the beginning in everything that involves this sector and, therefore, I think this is the way to go if design is what moves you.

- Define LCI Barcelona in one word.

Definitely, team.

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