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Cristina Mosillo 

Internships are said to be a gateway to the professional world, and our alumni Cristina Mosillo is a clear example of this. While studying the Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design she did an internship at Proxi, a studio co-founded by professor Reinhard Steger, and at the end of her studies she began working there indefinitely.

We talked to her and this is what she told us:

- How would you summarize your experience at LCI Barcelona?

Excellent, positive and rewarding. It has made me grow in many ways: professionally, as a student and personally as well.

Throughout my time at LCI I have met people who have enriched me, both professors and staff as well as classmates who have passed on their knowledge, their passions and their desire to continue learning, making it an environment of constant learning.

- What do you value most of all that you learned studying with us?

I like to highlight the fact that LCI Barcelona has professors who are currently working and active in the professional world. This is something very valuable and enriching for the students, as they make us see how the current design world works, providing new tools and working methods.

I also value very much the close relationship that LCI has with the students, always ready to clarify doubts or circumstances, both personal and collective.

- What did your professors bring to you?

Technical knowledge, such as the tools that allow us to design, illustrate, layout, experiment, etc. And practical knowledge such as how to idealize projects, how to experiment to obtain optimal results, how to convey my ideas in public, how to present them and how to have different visions of the same idea.

- What do you think you gained from learning with students from other Design and Visual Arts areas?

It is undoubtedly a positive experience that all students should go through, as you get to know other approaches, other disciplines and other ways of thinking, and thanks to this exchange of knowledge, the level of learning expands.

- Thanks to your time at the School, were you able to enhance your talents?

Of course, thanks to my professors and classmates I was able to develop my skills and also discover new potentials.

- Have you used Portfolios? What do you think of the platform? Which of the projects you have shared would you highlight?

It is a tool that benefits students, as it allows us to make known the work we have done in class and, in this way, to find job/internships offers and meet other students in the sector. Among my shared works I would highlight this editorial piece.

Spiral notebook with a conceptual cover defining "Allowed," labeled as Volume 1 - America, from 2020.

Project "Patagonia Magazine" by Cristina

- How have you done in the working world since you finished your studies?

Thanks to the good training at LCI Barcelona and perseverance, I had the opportunity to do an internship in a professor's studio, and today I have a permanent contract in that studio.

- What project/s are you working on right now?

Branding has always been my favorite branch of design, so every day I'm in charge of thinking of the best identities for many brands, both small and big ones, as well as bringing fresh ideas to big brands/entities such as Barcelona City Council, Thyssen Madrid, GLS Germany, etc.

- What are your plans and projects for the future?

Continue learning every day and expanding my knowledge of design and photography, so at some point I would love to take a master in photojournalism. I want to keep evolving at Proxi, contributing ideas and my design skills, while continuing to learn from great examples like Reinhard Steger.

- What would you say to someone who is thinking about studying with us but hasn't decided yet?

I would encourage this person to be part of this great School because it will make you grow in many ways. You will leave as a professional with many opportunities, knowledge and contacts.

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