Guidelines for Bachelor's Degree in Design Specific Entrance Exam (New Admission)

To access Higher Artistic Education, certain academic requirements must be met, including a specific test to verify that the applicant has the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities.

The tests should have a diagnostic nature, so that applicants who do not pass them can receive information and guidance. These tests are conducted in accordance with the relevant resolution of the Department of Education, with the current resolution being EDU/2054/2021 dated June 29th.

To find out all the important dates in the process, please get in touch with our Admissions Department.

Evaluation Committee

To ensure proper functioning and rigorous compliance with regulations, LCI Barcelona appoints an Evaluation Committee consisting of the general director, the academic director, the study coordinator, and two professors representing the various areas of the specialties offered. Some of the functions of this committee include:

  • Preparing the content of the test in accordance with the guidelines of the current regulations published annually by the Department of Education of the Generalitat.
  • Specifying the necessary materials, dates, and schedules for both the regular and extraordinary sessions.
  • Reserving the necessary seats for the repeaters.
  • Defining the logistics and operation of the test day, as well as verifying the identity of the participants and confirming "no-shows".
  • Reviewing the final report and transmitting the results to the Department of Education.

Admission Criteria

Direct Admission

Those who hold a Higher Technician in Plastic Arts and Design certificate, as indicated in Royal Decree 633/2010 of May 14th, can directly access higher artistic education programs in Design without the need to take the specific entrance test.

Access Routes

  1. The route through baccalaureate or access to university for individuals over 25 years of age. The requirements are:
    • Holding a baccalaureate diploma or demonstrating access to university through passing the university entrance exams for individuals over 25 years of age.
    • Passing a specific entrance test.
  2. The route through special entrance exams: Individuals over the age of eighteen who do not have a baccalaureate diploma can gain access by passing a specific exam regulated and organized by the competent educational department, which certifies that the applicant has the maturity necessary for the objectives of baccalaureate and the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to successfully pursue the corresponding studies.

Specific Entrance Exam Guidelines

The exam consists of two parts, A and B, which are common to all specialties, and both parts must be passed.

Part A of the exam consists of a single exercise, which is a text commentary.

  • The objective is to assess comprehension and the ability to relate to the content of the text, critical thinking and argumentation skills, and correct language usage.
  • The duration is one hour and fifteen minutes.
  • Evaluation of Part A will result in either Pass or Fail.
  • Individuals who have passed university entrance exams (PAU) are exempt from taking Part A.

Part B of the exam consists of 3 exercises, each of which contributes one-third to the overall score of Part B.

Exercise 1 - Representation

  • The objective is to assess the interpretation of space and its representation and the technical ability of the candidate. They can choose between two options:
    • Option I: two-dimensional representation (drawing).
    • Option II: three-dimensional representation (volume).
  • The duration of this exercise is 2 hours.

Exercise 2 - Interpretation

  • It involves the reinterpretation of a design that is part of Catalonia's cultural heritage and can be found in its museums.
  • The candidate will present their proposal in three parts:
    • Sketches: Creating a minimum of 3 sketches explaining the work process.
    • Written justification: Providing arguments for the formal representation with a maximum of 100 words.
    • Final proposal: Explicitly stating the criteria set forth in the proposal.
  • The duration of this exercise is 2 hours.

Exercise 3 - Evaluation of the design of an object

  • The objective is to demonstrate the ability to reflect on the design of an object and the capacity to identify functional, symbolic, and/or communicative aspects.
  • A maximum of 100 words should be used to analyze and comment on the specific design characteristics of the proposed object.
  • The duration is one hour.

Important Dates for Specific Entrance Exam

  • Pre-registration at LCI: April 2nd to June 18th.
  • June entrance exam (A): June 27th.
  • June entrance exam (B): June 27th.
  • September entrance exam (A): September 6th.
  • September entrance exam (B): September 6th.