Alba Vilaseca (Fashion alumni): "If you are driven by passion, you end up succeeding"

In September last year she founded DOOET Shoes, a brand based in Santpedor that combines craftsmanship and sustainability.
A woman in a beige outfit holds a pair of white and orange sneakers.

Alba Vilaseca is a #MadeInLCI entrepreneur. She did with us the Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design and, after finishing, she decided to specialize by taking the Postgraduate in Footwear Design to dedicate herself to what she is really passionate about. And she has succeeded! In September last year she founded DOOET Shoes, a brand based in Santpedor that combines craftsmanship and sustainability.

We talked to her and this is what she explained us:

- Let's start with a little introduction. What is DOOET?

DOOET Shoes is a brand of designer footwear with a young and innovative spirit that moves away from trends and puts in value the tradition and craftsmanship of the sector. We are strongly committed to organic, recycled and sustainable materials, and care for the smallest detail is key.

- How did the idea of creating a shoe brand come up?

More than an idea, it is a passion that I have had since I was 18 years old, and that made me very clear about my goal: to create pieces of designer footwear.

I spent years researching and looking for opportunities in the sector, both nationally and internationally. However, it is a complex and very competitive industry, so the idea of creating my own brand was gaining more and more strength until it became a purpose. I felt the impetus to express my creativity and my way of understanding what good footwear requires.

DOOET is a brand with a young and innovative spirit

- You are alumni of the Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design and the Postgraduate in Footwear Design. What would you highlight from your years at the School?

The professors, without a doubt. In the classroom we learn many things that enrich you and prepare you to start in the working world and, in my case, I enjoyed sharing my concerns at the end of the classes with the professors. I was fascinated by their experiences, and they were like little windows to the outside world that gave me a great sense of motivation and stimulated my self-improvement.

- How did your studies at LCI Barcelona help you to create DOOET?

Personally, it helped me to be disciplined and perseverant, setting small goals with deadlines to meet. I think that being five years with a high level of demand is not easy, so you must find your work methodology and create a code of values to be able to achieve your goals without getting frustrated.

On a professional level, I could mention the development and research of collections, the elaboration of technical specifications and, of course, the knowledge of pattern making and sewing when designing and manufacturing my products.

- What differentiates DOOET from other brands?

Starting from the premise that nowadays it is very difficult to differentiate yourself, DOOET stands out for the set of its values as a brand and for being an activator of the paradigm shift through sustainable luxury. We have been non-conformist with materials and curious with techniques. Researching freely, with materials rarely used and difficult to obtain in the fashion world and combining them with artisanal techniques (some very little industrialized to make them even more precious).

We have a strong environmental conscience that leads us to the constant search for alternatives that respect the planet. We offer limited collections due to small productions, moving away from fast fashion by creating timeless and unique pieces that last over time.

Environmental awareness is one of DOOET's main identity traits

- Craftsmanship, sustainability and comfort are the three pillars of the firm. How do you transform these concepts into designs?

The truth is that it is not easy. Firstly, because the way of working of many companies in the sector has been deeply rooted for years, although you can always find a manufacturer willing to bet on new ideas and/or work with new materials. And, secondly, because there are more and more brands that talk about sustainability, but the reality is far from these marketing messages.

Merging all the concepts to materialize them in a design implies that, first, you must know what manufacturing processes exist, how to combine them and which ones are more suitable for the materials you are going to use. As well as looking for synergies with local suppliers that allow you to have greater control of the supply chain, reducing the environmental impact, and that can offer you materials with good properties and quality.

- How was the process of creating the Geppetto White model?

Like any product, it had many prototype versions, basically for acquiring all the necessary know-how for handling unconventional materials such as the 100% natural latex sole, the 100% bamboo lining, the biodegradable inner reinforcements, etc. 

The design requirements we set ourselves were with high standards, that is, we wanted a portable and combinable shoe for everyday life, exceptionally comfortable and as sustainable as possible, demanding from our suppliers the corresponding scientific endorsements and/or certificates. The Geppetto White model had to be perceived as luxury footwear with a very low environmental impact.

The Geppetto White model was born as a result of an exhaustive previous analysis

- What is DOOET's current status?

DOOET is in the seed stage, the most important for us, as we are still in a very early stage, getting the business on track and focusing as much as possible on our potential audience, mainly through social networks.

We are very happy with the good feedback we are receiving from customers, who are very positively surprised by the product. 

- What are your plans for the future?

In the first instance, to consolidate the brand through its recognition and the creation of new footwear collections, which are already underway. And then, as far as possible and above all in a sustained way, to diversify the product.

- What would you recommend to people who want to create their own fashion brand?

First of all, I would recommend them to do an introspection exercise to be very clear about what they want to do and why. I firmly believe that if you are driven by passion, you end up succeeding. And it is clear that if you don't try, you will never succeed.

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