Students of the bachelor's degrees in Graphic and Interior Design collaborate with the COAC in the framework of the Model festival

This project unites two of our greatest values: synergies between areas and the connection with the professional world.
A person's hand holding a set of bright, multicolored event flyers, with a blurred urban background.

New project with #MadeInLCI participation that unites two of our great values: the synergies between areas and the connection with the professional world. On this occasion, a group of students from the bachelor's degrees in Graphic and Interior Design worked together with the Architects' Association of Catalonia (COAC) in the promotion of the first edition of Model - Barcelona Architectures Festival .

2nd year students of the Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design developed 22 posters and postcards focused on the Marina neighborhood using as a creative concept the graphic formalization of its streets, green areas, etc. and using a typography that helps to generate a festive feeling. These pieces present ideas for the future of the neighborhood, ranging from claiming that it has more recognition to promote local commerce.

A colorful array of typographic posters with bold lettering, possibly for a cultural or political campaign.

The 22 posters and postcards created by our students

To exhibit all these posters, 3rd and 4th year students of the Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design developed "VIA", an ephemeral and participatory exhibition inaugurated during the Sants-Montjuïc Architecture Festival. The proposal, close to performance, seeks to enhance the fluid connection established between Marina and Barcelona, creating a path that links neighborhood, city and architecture. You can see all the details here .

A group of ten smiling volunteers posing outdoors by a banner at a health awareness event.

LCI students during the assembly of the exhibition

Both the COAC and the merchants in the area were delighted with the work done by our students and professors. Congratulations to all of you for this great success!

Teaching team

  • Anna Pallerols, head of Graphic area.
  • Pedro Coelho, head of Interior area.
  • Miquel Àngel Julià Hierro, Global Project professor.
  • Rein Steger and Carlos Cabañas, Graphic area professors.
  • Susana Piquer, Interior area professor.

Student team

  • Graphic Design (2nd year): Samuel Badel, Andrea Bonastre, Jaume Condomines, German Garcia, Martina Heli, Carlos Izquierdo, Sara Terricabris, Anna Udova and Meritxell Vidal.
  • Interior Design (3rd year): Sheila Arroyo, Júlia Arpal, Nicole Azcuna, Ot Catalan, Mª Fernanda Escalona, Laura Gamboa, Silvia Gamboa, Johana Gamez, Esther García, Alba López-Cepero, Jorge Laucirica, Lluis Ramirez, Míriam Santilari, Gilli Sevilya, Jessica Steuerwald, João Trindade and Alaitz Zeberio.
  • Interior Design (4th year): Thay Bento, María Cisneros, Carla García, Arianna Iturralde, Patricia Guerra, Romina Lebed, Rosyeli Linares, Lorena Martínez, Stefany Muñiz, Alicia Pearson, Lucía Ramón, Jordi Riera, Emma Sánchez, Maite Uskola and Laura Ventura.