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An overview of LCI's proposal for the Liceu's ÒH!PERA project

After its successful premiere on the weekend of July 9th and 10th, we review the highlights of our participation in this initiative.
A clear-framed sign holder displays an event poster for "ÒH!PERA", featuring new micro-operas, set against a tiled floor and wooden paneled backdrop.

Do you remember ÒH!PERA , the newly created micro-opera project promoted by the Gran Teatre del Liceu and the Barcelona City Council through the Disseny Hub? After its successful premiere on the weekend of July 9th and 10th, we review the highlights of our participation in this initiative.

A diverse group of adults posing for a group photograph at a conference, in front of a backdrop with the word "LIBERA".

Sílvia Viudas, LCI Barcelona general director, attended the premiere of ÒH!PERA

The LCI multidisciplinary team in charge of the design of the identity, the graphic and the spatial communication of ÒH!PERA has been led by Anna Pallerols (head of the Graphic area) and professors Oliver Montiel and Toni Cabrera (project tutors) and composed of students Mireia Alcon, Javiera Delgado and Joel Lloret ( Graphic Design area), Cindy Rojas ( Interior Design area), Alba Rubio ( Animation area) and Helena Travesset ( Photography area).

Seven friends posing for a photo on a bustling city street, exuding warmth and camaraderie.

Part of the LCI team with the academic director Ruben Monmany

The proposal they have developed over the last few months offers the spectator a new opera experience based on the creative concept of a portal that, when crossed, contrasts the classical world with the contemporary world through visual paradoxes that deceive the senses.

A subway station platform with vibrant leaf-patterned advertisements for an opera event at Liceu Theater.

ÒH!PERA was also announced in Barcelona's metro

The communication campaign shows in the main poster this portal in movement as a paradoxical element and, in the four secondary posters (one for each micro-opera), the moment of passing through it, thus playing with three dimensions, movement and textures. The LCI team has also designed the logo, the program, the making of, the audiovisual clips and the communication on social media.

A poster on a wall advertising "Entre los Árboles," a performance by José Río-Pareja and Nao Albet, scheduled from July 9 to 10, 2022, at Gran Teatre del Liceu.

One of the microoperas posters

The ÒH!PERA project was completed with the design and installation of the portals in the physical space of the Liceu to guide the spectator during the event. These metal-structured doors, created in a single line and located at key points along the itinerary, symbolize the access to the new dimension of contemporary opera. Their raw material generates contrast with the classical world, representing the entrance to new scenes and interpretations of opera.

An angular metal sculpture creates a striking contrast with the tiled floor in the background.

Detail of the metallic structures that were installed at the Liceu

Congratulations to the professors and students who have been part of this very special initiative!

*Images: Helena Travesset and other sources.