"Sweet Side" begins its career in festivals by being selected at Lift-Off and FAP

The #MadeInLCI short film reflects on a highly topical issue, suicide, and do so with great sensitivity.
Promotional poster for a 2022 film festival, featuring laurels and a stylized illustration of a man walking in a city.

It's only been a couple of months since its premiere at Phenomena, but the final short film made by the last graduating class of our University Diploma in 2D and 3D Animation has already achieved not one but two official selections at international festivals.

The Lift-Off Global Network, an organization that was born as a film festival and has become a huge platform for emerging artists, has selected "Sweet Side" in its Lift-Off Sessions. Also, the #MadeInLCI short film was screened at the FAP (Pila Audiovisual Festival) in Argentina at the end of August. This event features movies of all genres to contribute to the development of film culture.

Through their final project, recent graduates Albert García, Agustina Brizuela, Joan Alarcón, Luca Cipriani, Violeta Cliffe, Marc Roca, Alba Vila, Eloi Torras, Paula Martínez and Laura Luque reflect on a highly topical issue, suicide, and do so with great sensitivity to raise awareness about this silent pandemic.