We debut as IndieDevDay partners with a talk on classic video games

By David Gómez, Game Director at Basetis and professor of our Animation and Video Game degrees.
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The 5th edition of IndieDevDay, the indie video game fair organized by and for developers, blogs, associations and enthusiasts of the sector, will be held in Barcelona this Saturday and Sunday. It is a non-profit event that seeks to vindicate the effort and sacrifice involved in carrying out this type of video games, as well as to promote the talent of emerging designers and artists.

We debut as IndieDevDay partners with the talk "How classic video games can stimulate our creativity" by David Gómez, Game Director at Basetis and professor of our Animation and Video Game degrees. During the session, which will take place on Sunday at 13:00h, David will dissect a classic game to demonstrate that current and attractive products can be generated from this type of video games.

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David will show that classic videogames can be a great inspiration

If you want to check the full schedule of meetups, workshops and presentations of IndieDevDay, don't miss its official website. See you this weekend at Cocheras de Sants!