Our graduate María Lledó succeeds in the CoDIC Awards with her project "Le Fourmilière"

This is a cohousing for young people with functional diversity that guarantees their autonomy and well-being.
A smiling woman in a wheelchair raises her hand in a gesture of success at an academic event, surrounded by posters and designs.

At the beginning of December, the 24th edition of the CoDIC Awards organized by the College of Interior Designers and Decorators of Catalonia took place. And we are very happy because LCI alumni María Lledó Cisneros won First Prize in the Bachelor's Degree Category for "Le Fourmilière" , her final project of the Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design tutored by Dr. Eugenia López Reus.

In the words of our graduate, this project is "a cohousing for young people with functional diversity that guarantees their autonomy and well-being and supports them in the conquest of their happiness". María's proposal is based on the rehabilitation of an old factory located in the Barcelona neighborhood of Poblenou, and takes care of important aspects such as the choice of materials and furniture, the lighting, the distribution of spaces or the sustainability of the entire enclosure.

An architectural sketch of a serene urban plaza with people relaxing around a circular bench, accentuated by greenery and a historic chimney.

Held at Casa Thomas, the showroom of Cubiñá, the CoDIC Awards ceremony brought together professionals and representatives of different companies and institutions. The jury decided to recognize "Le Fourmilière" for being " an overflowing work that covers many disciplines with great knowledge and success, for a detailed and completely executable interior design and, above all, for the great effort and dedication of its author". The director of the Interior Design area Pedro Coelho accompanied María in the event, during which an exhibition was inaugurated with the finalist projects of this edition.

A man presents an architectural model to a viewer, pointing out details of the design within an indoor setting.

"Le Fourmilière" is an incredible example of healthy space design that takes care of the users and ensures their comfort. A project with values, with soul and full of sensitivity resulting from our alumni's talent, passion and spirit of self-improvement. Congratulations Maria, the entire LCI family is so proud of you!