Final projects

We celebrate our Final Project Week 2024

From June 25 to 27, we will hold several events in which we will present the final degree projects of our students from all specialties.

The talent #MadeInLCI will shine from June 25 to 27 with the celebration of the LCI Barcelona Final Project Week 2024, during which our students of Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Animation, Video Game Design, and Photography will present their final degree projects in different events.

Our Final Project Week 2024 will officially begin on Tuesday, June 25 at 10:00 am, when the Animation and Video Game Design students will premiere the short film "Peceidas" and the game "RedDrop" at the Sala Phenomena Experience, which has one of the largest cinema screens in the country. Their projects will be evaluated by a panel of professionals from each sector. The event is open to the public, you can sign up here.

Also on Tuesday, June 25 but in the afternoon (at 4:00 pm) we will inaugurate the Final Project Exhibition, an exhibition featuring the final degree projects of our students from all disciplines. The exhibition, designed by professor Ana García and NeuronaLab, will be located on the sixth floor of our spectacular new campus and has been conceived with LCI Barcelona’s values of sustainability and health in mind. You can sign up for the inauguration through this link.

As is tradition, the end of the academic year also brings the LCI Barcelona Fashion Show. This year we will hold not one but two shows featuring the graduation collections of our Fashion Design students. The first will take place on Wednesday, June 26 at 7:00 pm and will be exclusive to industry professionals, and the second will be held on Thursday, June 27 at 4:30 pm for the families and friends of the new designers. The venue for both events will also be our new campus in the 22@ district.

The theme of this year’s shows is KALEIDOSCOPE NOMAD - The beautiful image of nomadic observation, which our Fashion area describes as follows: "We celebrate observation in motion as a state of mind and discovery. In front of our eyes, garments full of imagination wander, displaying multiple landscapes. Clothing as a vehicle for imagination and expansion. Fashion as a language to approach the unknown, relate to others, and make our lives a permanent journey".  

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