Great success of "Kaleidoscope Nomad", our Fashion Show 2024

The Fashion Design students presented their final projects in two runway shows held at the new campus.

As is tradition, with the end of the academic year comes the LCI Barcelona Fashion Show, but in 2024 we have held not one, but two shows featuring the final collections of the students from the Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design. The 4th floor of the new campus was the perfect showcase to enjoy the talent of the new designers.

The theme of both events was KALEIDOSCOPE NOMAD - The beautiful image of nomadic observation, which our Fashion department defines as follows: "We celebrate observation in motion as a state of mind and discovery. In front of our eyes, garments full of imagination wander, displaying multiple landscapes. Clothing as a vehicle for imagination and expansion. Fashion as a language to approach the unknown, relate to others, and make our lives a permanent journey".

In the first show, a representative look of the 48 collections designed by our students was showcased, along with a look consisting of garments by students of Collège LaSalle Montréal. Among the more than 200 attendees were professionals from the fashion industry, business sector, and media such as Marta Coca (080 Barcelona Fashion), David Dimas and David García (MODACC - Catalan Fashion Cluster), Bernat Biosca (Escorpion), and Estermaria Laruccia.

In the second event, the complete collections of our students were showcased, each consisting of eight looks (in addition to the look from Collège LaSalle Montréal). Family and friends of the designers attended, as well as faculty, classmates, alumni, and staff members who didn't want to miss it. Some of them took the opportunity to be photographed at our photocall

The two events of the LCI Barcelona Fashion Show 2024 were attended by Claude Marchand (LCI Education's President and CEO) and Alessandro Manetti (Head of Europe at the network). Our General Director, Sílvia Viudas, addressed the audience at both shows to thank them for their presence and praise the work of the designers.

Congratulations to our students Mireia Aguado, Joaquim Almeida, Griselda Baeta, Inés Blázquez, Cristina Blázquez, Helena Busquets, Abdul Butt, Lucía Campins, Clara Carme, Cèlia Chaparro, Meggy Clocchiatti, Silvia Covi, Clàudia De Mora, Maya Eizenboim, Martina Espriu, María Luisa Flores, Nora Fontanals, Ania Gambero, Olivia García, Fernando García de Palau, Mar Gisbert, Hugo Gómez, Sasha Hernández, Irati Lecumberri, Ariadna Martínez, Maria Mateo, Gonzalo Medina, Meris Medina, Clara Melero, Meritxell Mimó, Aina Moncada, Valeria Paitán, Blanca Patllé, Maria Prieto, Maria Ribas, María Rius, Helena Rodon, Maria Rois, Mireia Sala, Angel Sicilia, Paula Subirana, Britney Sze, Ana Thäsler, Carla Vaucois, María Velasco, Laura Vidales, Carla Zapata, and Alba Zaragoza. And also to the Fashion Area led by Estel Vilaseca, the project manager Gabriel Torres, and the tutors Manuel Bolaño, Estefania Feu, Montse Liarte, Lucia Alcaina, Hanne Rützou, and Nadia Montero (Design), Maria Costa, Mónica Jiménez, and Laura García (Pattern Making), and Dani Cantó and David Urbano (Communication).

We want to thank the great team that made these events possible: our faculty and staff, and the professionals from ESMA, Towanda, Cazcarra, Thuya, Barcelona Hair Academy, and The Angle Studio.

Click below and enjoy the recap video of the two LCI Barcelona Fashion Show 2024 events! 

Main image: Ugo Camera.