Fashion and Advertising Photography

Master's Degree
A behind-the-scenes look at a fashion photo shoot with models and photographers in a professional studio setting.


Creation, thinking, creativity, collaboration, and teamwork converge in the Master's in Fashion and Advertising Photography, which will allow you to specialize as a fashion and lifestyle photographer while also mastering art direction. Keeping in mind the job market requirements, we will focus on developing your unique style and perspective.
Next session starts October 15, 2024
10 months
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A woman in profile with windswept hair and a feathered garment, embodying grace and sophistication in a grayscale palette.
A meteoric career in photography
Alumnus Marie Beriestain discovered her passion for photography when she was gifted an analog camera as a child.
A group of individuals engaged in conversation at a creative workshop with vibrant artwork in the background.

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