Program Details

Computer Aided Pattern Making CAD

Pattern Making Programs
A woman focuses on a computer displaying fashion designs, surrounded by fabric and a tailor's mannequin.

About the Program

The program has been designed to provide a technological improvement to the industrial pattern maker, who will be able to apply knowledge and experience in pattern making in a more efficient and productive way within the sector, retraining as a professional. 

Learning Outcomes

  • You will carry out different projects in a 100% practical way.
  • Train with top industry professionals.
  • You will specialise in the use of Gerber AccuMark, the most widely used software in the industry.
  • Learn via flexible, personalized methods.
  • You will study on a campus located in the heart of 22@.
Students are intently focused on computer screens while working in a computer lab, suggesting a collaborative learning environment.


Our facilities

Join a community of emerging creatives and learn with the best teachers at our spectacular campus. Sustainable and state-of-the-art facilities in the 22@ innovation district. It is the perfect place to take a computer-aided pattern making course.