Discover our graduates

A focused fashion designer stands beside a mannequin in a studio, with design sketches in the background. Josep Font

"I have very good memories of my time at the School".

A portrait of a thoughtful man with tousled hair and stubble, wearing a white t-shirt, against a textured dark background. Juan Vidal

"My source of inspiration is woman related to art, life, etc.".

A poised woman in a floral dress strikes an elegant pose against a plain background, in a black and white photograph. María Escoté

"My time at the School was a period of much hope and effort".

A black and white portrait of a woman with short hair, offering a gentle smile. Celia Vela

"I try to consolidate a style with clothes that have their own stamp".

Portrait of a young woman with long hair, wearing a collared shirt and denim vest, with a neutral expression. Krizia Robustella

"I don't try to provoke anyone, I just bring fun to what I do".

A woman in a black dress laughs heartily, surrounded by hanging filament light bulbs in a monochrome setting. Imma Clé

"I design wedding dresses because I like challenges and haute couture".

Black and white portrait of a man with a short haircut, mustache, ear gauges, and a patterned checked shirt. His direct gaze at the camera carries a neutral expression. Roberto Etxeberria

"My interest lies in a reflection on man and his way of dressing".

A young man with tousled hair, wearing a necklace, gazes away thoughtfully. His black outfit and wristbands add to the casual look. Karlota Laspalas

"I will always keep a good memory of my time at the School".

A poised man with styled hair and beard wearing a black overcoat and white shirt, in a black and white photograph, with a blurred crowd in the background. Manuel Bolaño

"My collections have two pillars: Galicia and the use of craftsmanship".

A poised woman in a casual dress and blazer stands before a promotional backdrop, exuding confidence and casual elegance. Andrea Llosa

"My main project is to establish my brand in Lima and other areas".

A poised young woman in a black leather jacket and graphic tee, exuding confidence against a plain background. Lorena Saravia

"The key to fashion is knowing how to build each garment".

A black and white photograph of a bearded man wearing a printed shirt and bucket hat, embracing a large white dog with an open mouth. Roberto Piqueras

"To design I draw inspiration from my experiences".

A youthful woman with a bright smile, donning a turtleneck and hoop earrings, is captured in a black and white photograph. Carla Solá

"My time at LCI has been a turning point in my career".

A monochrome portrait of a woman with long hair, smiling at the camera, wearing a black hoodie. Cristina Mosillo

"LCI has made me grow on a professional, student and personal level".