Experiential Interior Design

Official Master's Degree
 A dark room illuminated by an interactive light installation with vibrant visual displays and a silhouette of a person engaging with the exhibit.


Have you heard of Experiential Interior Design (also known as EID)? It is an innovative approach to space design that implements experiential values to engage with users. With our Official Master in Experiential Interior Design, you will learn to create spaces that produce specific emotional or intellectual impacts.
Next session starts October 15, 2024
10 months
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A monochrome portrait of a man with curly hair, gazing thoughtfully, set against a textured backdrop.
Meet Carmelo Zappulla: Master's Program Director
This Italian-born architect is the founder and general manager of the multi-award-winning studio, External Reference.
A group of individuals engaged in conversation at a creative workshop with vibrant artwork in the background.

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